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Summary Web application to support the Team Software Process
Category process
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) gbooker, jpbarto

Message from the owner(s)

tVista is currently in the alpha stages with its framework established and two modules (Defect Tracking and Time Tracking) already defined. Work is progressing smoothly with additional facets of the Team Software Process being implemented rapidly.


Using Team Software Processes requires collection and reporting of numerous data points. Additionally a single team member is responsible for collating all of this data into a single report which can be used to measure and control development processes. tVista is a web-based application designed to easily capture metrics data and automatically produce reports in accordance with the Team Software Process.

What a TSP Support Tool should look like.

Software development environments are a widely varying lot. Some are highly refined using proven tools and methods and others are still young, up-and-coming, with a scattered and unintegrated technologies. The Team Software Process, created by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, is a documented process designed to help development teams move toward a highly mature development environment with repeatable processes.

I think that a proper TSP support tool should reflect this by being a flexible, powerful tool which provides a high level of integration between development tools. As such a TSP support tool should be a compliment to a team's current environment, not a replacement. The software system should work to pull disparate systems together and allow them to function with workflow-type functionality.

The TSP is difficult to implement because in addition to being a new and likely foriegn collection of processes it also demands that a great deal of peripheral data be collected. The time-management requirements are a perfect example of this, requiring every engineer to record when they began a specific task, when they completed the task, and how much time was spent away from the said task, how many minutes were interrupted. A proper TSP support tool would provide not only for the collection of this data, but would also link with or provide tools which would make gathering this data simpler, perhaps with some sort of 'stopwatch' funcitonality.

This type of total support is the goal of tVista. Currently in its infancy it is growing to not only provide data collection and reporting capabilities which facilitate the TSP, but to also integrate version control, issue tracking, and other necessary development tools; all under the context of the TSP. This is a huge goal, but it can be done. With the help of the community we can build a project support tool which helps a team to more easily manage their project, create sustainable repeatable processes, and ultimately to build higher quality software with less effort.